Thursday, March 29, 2012

IDER Hosiery from Greece

The Company
IDER. A Greek success story lasting more than four decades and a name that has become synonymous with high quality, good taste, attention to detail and very good prices, for generations of women.

The history of our company is directly associated with the evolution of fashion, technology and women's position in society. As perceptions, trends and fashion have changed in recent decades and as technology has advanced in many and complex ways allowing us to design and produce more sophisticated products, so did our company evolve and will keep evolving in time.

At IDER we are dedicated in creating and providing consumers with exceptional quality products from the finest materials driven always by our commitment to quality, comfort and the aesthetic pleasure of the consumer. And all of that at a great price too!

Company Profile

IDER company , a creation of the Bourtzoglou family, was founded in 1964 as a small family business. In 1976 it grew into an anonymous industrial company and in the '90s, having acquired expertise through collaborations with famous Italian factories, rhrough innovations in all areas, it managed to come to the forefront of the business field.

In the early ‘00s the company expanded its product range with quality seamless underwear and socks for men and women, always in line with European fashion trends and the best possible value for money.

As a result of the quality of materials, design details that make a difference and constant quality checks, IDER is for years considered to be a market leader in its field. The company aims to offer up to date high quality products, ideal for the Greek consumer, since they meet their specific and individual needs in sizes, colors and fit, always in line with the international trends. The enduring confidence of generations of Greek women in our brand is the best proof of the company’s success.

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